Genshin Impact how to build Ganyu (2022)

Ganyu from genshin is a Cyro-main DPS or support. she is a bow user and recently got a rerun with Zhongli in the 2.4 update. If you use her DPS build you’ll maximize her damage and she’ll be so broken. So getting on to the build a must is the blizzard strayer set not only does it give 20% more crit damage to any bow users but when shooting a FrostFlak arrow to an enemy it was a whopping 60% chance of getting a cyro AoE effect.

For her weapon, Amo’s bow is best in slot also with skyward bow giving her more crit damage. Also, the thundering pulse bow that came out with Yoimiya is another good choice for Ganyu. Okay, now I’m gonna talk about some good team comps with DPS Ganyu inside of them. One good team comp that’s easier to make and is more FTP friendly is Diona, Ganyu, Xiangling, and Sucrose. A more costly team comp is Childe ,Ganyu, Albedo, and Diona.

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