2.6 Leaks!

Kamisato Ayato

Genshin impact 2.6 is looking very promising! With the new 5-star character Kamisato Ayato which is Kamisato Ayaka’s brother who is head of the Kamisato clan. Leaker TheSusLeakershh says that Ayato is most likely in the first half of the 2.6 updates. DISCLAIMER he said that not all 2.6 leakers are finalized in the game. as for the second half they have Venti the bard, Kaedehara Kazuha, and Yoimiya. Venti, Kazuha, and Yoimiya are on the rerun banner which usually has two old characters. As for the 4-star characters and weapons, we know nothing about that yet.

Kaedehara Kazuha

The new Raiden Shogun boss that came out in the 2.5 updates is most likely gonna be a part of Ayato’s ascension materials. Ayato is a Hydro sword wielder as his sister is a Cyro user so I’m suspecting that they would work well together. Ayato is a main DPS/sub DPS and for Ayaka, she is also a main DPS/sub DPS.

The chasm is going to be a new part of Teyvat with different types of puzzles and quests. There’s also going to be a new weekly boss which I’m expecting has something to do with geo or hyrdo because it’s underground in a mine in the leak there was a waterfall also. I think the boss drops have something to do with Ayato’s ascension materials it also might be something to do with characters later in the game.

Also DISCLAIMER I do not play genshin anymore it’s gotten fairly boring and it feels like I’m forcing myself to play the game. I’ll try and pick up the game in a few weeks and I’m just going to blog about characters and other stuff. 🙂

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